Manual Upload for DriverAgent XML file

Use this page if you would like to find drivers for a Windows computer that is not currently connected to the internet.

This procedure assumes that you have a floppy diskette, USB drive, or external hard drive so that you can copy files to and from the Disconnected PC. This is referred simply as a "Diskette" in the instructions below.

  1. Download DriverAgent and save it to your Diskette
  2. Take the Diskette to the Disconnected PC and run the DriverAgent program
  3. While the splash screen is visible, press (and release) the 'F6' key
  4. When DriverAgent has finished, it will display a text file containing 'XML' data, copy this file back to your diskette. If it displays a page in your web browser, you were too late pressing the 'F6' key, so run DriverAgent again
  5. Take the Diskette back to this computer (the computer that is connected to the internet)
  6. Copy the text from within the XML text file into the area below.
  7. Click on the 'locate drivers' button to locate the drivers needed for the Disconnected PC

Please paste your results (XML data) into the area below:

DriverAgent is virus and malware free. But for your safety, up-to-date AntiVirus and Firewall products should be running on your computer